Lyn and Cicely


Lyn visits her long-term Link friend, Cicely every Monday, for morning coffee and a catch up. During Friendship Week, Lyn was kind enough to share their wonderful story with us.

”Cicely was very honest and said that she didn’t think she would still be around if it wasn’t for me and that she felt we were true friends now even though we were introduced by Link. She is very impressed and delighted that Link was able to match us up so well.  She looks forward to our coffee together and it helps keep a structure to her week. 

I also feel that Cicely is a good friend and I enjoy her company enormously. It’s all boys in my household and I especially welcome some female company every Monday. I love hearing about all the things she had done in her long life and we often talk about how the world and the role of women in it has changed.  I know there are still more stories to come! Today she told me the stories behind the only two ornaments she still has. 

Now that her eyesight is getting much worse, Cicely doesn’t go out any more but continues to shop online and keep up with current affairs. Don’t get her started on Brexit unless you have an hour to spare!

Thank you from both of us for all that Link has done for us.”

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