Toni and Murial

"My Link friend lives locally and I think she’s amazing, we have such a laugh and a good chat. When I’m her age, 92, I hope I’m as fantastic as her!"


Toni has been visiting her 92-year old Link friend, Murial, every week for the last two years.

Murial was referred to the Link because she struggles with feeling lonely. She’s recently moved into a nursing home, and her limited mobility means its difficult for her to get out to the shops or even for short walks. 

For Toni, loosing her grandparents many years ago means that she misses spending time with the elderly. But her new friendship has been a way to reconnect with someone from a different generation. 

“Its been great getting to know someone new, who is bursting with life experiences - many more than me. I find it fascinating to learn about life before I even existed.” Toni felt that the elderly have a bit of a raw deal, so she was pleased to be able to offer a little practical support as well as friendship

Toni, how did you find the Link?

I just Googled ‘volunteering with the elderly near me’ and up popped the Link - it was just what I was looking for

What do you like about volunteering? 

The charity is very friendly, and I get the sense that it is very well run. I like the fact that it's a small, local charity who values my support, rather than a big nationwide organisation.

How would you describe the Link to a friend? 

It’s easy to get started, and you can request to visit someone close by.  You'll need to be available once or twice a fortnight, but you can let them know what time suits you to visit. 

The Link offers loads of events, and whether you’re volunteering there or going along with your Link friend, you'll have a lovely time. 

But mostly it's the satisfaction of seeing  their face light up when you arrive. Murial is so pleased to see me, just to be there to offer company. I have the chance to take her out from the nursing home, to pop to the shops or even just to help with little practical things that she can't manage herself - it's great.

Tell me about your experience with the Link 

I’m impressed with the level of quantity and variety of events organised by the Link, the team work really hard and put a lot effort into hosting fantastic events for so many people to enjoy. 

Interested in volunteering?

We'd love to hear from you! There are lots of lonely older people waiting to be paired with someone like you.

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