Toni and X

Toni and X

"My Link friend lives locally and I think she’s amazing, we have such a laugh and a good chat about what we’ve both been up to, and sharing stories. When I’m her age, I hope I’m as fantastic as her!"

Toni has been visiting her 92-year old Link friend, X, every week for the last two years.

She was referred to the Link by X because she struggles with feeling lonely. She’s recently moved into a nursing home, and her limited mobility means its difficult for her to get out to the shops or even for short walks. 

For Toni, loosing her grandparents many years ago means that she misses spending time with the elderly. But her new friendship has been a way to reconnect with someone from a different generation. 

“Its been great getting to know someone new, who is bursting with life experiences - many more than me. I find it fascinating to learn about life before I even existed.”