We need a new home!


We’re looking for a new office space. Could you help?


We have been incredibly blessed to have been given office space for nearly two years within a company called Niche Communications. They have been brilliant hosts of our small charity and we are incredibly grateful to them for their huge support. The good news is that they are expanding as a company. The bad news is that we need to find somewhere new to go! We need to find somewhere by the beginning of October and with summer holidays fast approaching we need to find somewhere QUICK!

Our requirements:

  • Office space for at least 6 desks

  • Meeting room

  • Interview room

  • Access required daytime, evenings and weekends with broadband

  • Good parking and easy access for volunteers and occasionally older people.

Space needed for:

  • Room for two locked cupboards

  • Three shelving units

  • Printer and franking machine

  • Two drawer units

Could you ask within your networks? Our current space came about after our lovely volunteer Fran talked to her husband who works at the building we're now in! Please get the word out and let me know of anyone I can talk to that might be able to help us.

We really appreciate your support!

If you know of somewhere, please email Marjie on: marjie@linkvisiting.org.